If you like to overcome obstacles and get new ones unforgettable emotions,then these courses on thought just FOR YOU!

LEVEL 1 – This course is suitable for absolutely everyone who already has a driver’s license and has long wanted to learn something new. The training is performed on a rented motorcycle TRS 125cc, 2019. It isTrialmotorcycle steering technique basic course,where we learn: keeping balance, at low speed turns and reversals, ups and downs,all kinds of obstacles and much more.

Gathering of Muraste or Vasalemma rally track on the field (time of gathering is determined at registration). Familiarization circle and introduction of safety requirements and rules for being on the site. This will be followed by an introductory discussion on the following topics:mototrial, driving position, driving characteristics, driving equipment. After that, the practical part begins: start-stop, gear training, cornering technique, overcoming obstaclesand track driving.

  • Training cost: 200 euros. Price includes Trialmotorcycle rental for four to five hours, equipment rental (helmet, boots, gloves) and catering if necessary.
  • Group size 3 – 5 participants.
  • Performs training Kaino Tülle.
  • Location: Muraste or Vasalemma rally track

At the end of the course, each participant will receive a diploma from, which confirmsTrialTrainingDayLevel1 successful completion.

Trainis carried out in collaboration with StarTrial.

Additionalinformation: +372 5342 7294 Stanislav Tatarski

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