If you dream to drive on a track and learn how to skillfully make turns at high speeds, then this training is for YOU!

LEVEL 1 – the basic level of complexity, in other words, the safest. This course is more suitable for beginners or for those who already have a general idea and would like to develop and improve their level of skill. Training is conducted on your motorcycle. Model, brand and even the type of motorcycle does not matter, whether it is sports, classic, cruiser or even enduro, because the cornering technique is universal.

LEVEL 2 (two day training) – an advanced course that will suit those who have already completed LEVEL 1, or those who have repeatedly traveled on the track. At this training, the pace of cornering is much higher, and the technique of passing each turn on the track is also more detailed.

Training day program:

We gather on the Aravete track (meeting time indicated on the registration). Acquaintance and instruction on the rules and safety requirements of being on the track. Then, there is an introductory theoretical part on the following topics: technical control of the motorcycle, tire pressure, landing, glance, taxiing, braking, acceleration, cornering and much more. After that, the practical part begins with rolling out on the track. Then short break to discuss mistakes, before getting back on the the track. Prior to each new entry onto the track, information and tasks are supplemented.

The cost of training Level 1 on your motorcycle: 150 €. This amount also includes the rental of the track for 4 hours.
The cost of training Level 2 on your motorcycle: 290 €. This amount also includes the rental of the track for 4 hours in Aravete and auto24ring.
Number of people in the group: 8 – 10
Training is conducted by the legendary racer – Marko Rohtlaan
Location: Aravete kardirada (Level1) and auto24ring (Level2)

Training is conducted in collaboration with Vihur MotoSport.

Additional information by phone +372 5342 7294, Stanislav Tatarsky.

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