If you dream of driving on off-road and learn how to drive a bike in different road conditions, then this training is for YOU.

LEVEL 1 – the lowest level of complexity, in other words, the safest. Suitable for those who have never traveled on the pebble road , and for those who already have some experience.

Training day program:
Part 1: At the first stage, we train on the ground with a gravel covering, where we perform various elements on a motorcycle at the rest position. This gives a good idea of how a motorcycle behaves when maneuvering at low speeds while performing such simple elements as a snake, turning in a confined space, driving uphill, turning down, etc.
Part 2: We drive along a pre-planned route, which is about 80 km of gravel roads, where we learn to feel our motorcycle, working off the cornering technique. The route also includes small ascents, descents and detours of obstacles. The approximate time of passage of this circle is 1.5 hours.

LEVEL 2 – advanced course for those who already passed LEVEL 1 or for those who already leaned offroad riding basic technique and would like to step futher

Training day program:

Part 1. Excercises on gravel ground: wide snake, maze (several fulllock u-turns in a limited space), braking with 90 degree turn, hill climb and downhill techniques with turn
Part 2. Riding on a prepaired route about 130km of gravel and forest trails, which includes about 80% of TET (Trans Euro Trail). Improving riding skill and working on turning techniques in different conditions. Route includes different dowhills, climbs and obstacles. The whole route is about 2.5h

LEVEL 3 – advanced course for those motocycle adventurists, who passed LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 or who already have expirience riding trails and would like to test his skills and endurance. This course also will suits those who is planning long motocycle adventure

Part 1. Excercises on gravel ground: warm-up, log crossing, sand, moving in wheel tracks with turn, climbs with turn, downhills on a very low speed
Part 2. Riding on a prepaired routes, which combine different elements
Special track 1: obstacle crossing in limited space, log crossing, sand, hill climb with turn etc
Special track 2: obstacles crossing in forrest.

Conditions for participation:
1. Any type of motocycle
2. Tires: Michelin Anakee Wild, Continental TKC 80, Metzeler Karoo 3 etc
3. Riding boots: enduro or motocross boots
4. A-category driving licence

  • The cost of training on your motorcycle: 150 €.
  • The cost of training is 300 € – the amount includes the rental of a BMW R1200GS motorcycle for the whole day.
  • Maximum number of people in a group: 6 – 8
  • The training is conducted by a professional and licensed BMW Motorrad instructor – Arthur Kim.

The course can be completed by renting a BMW R1200GS motorcycle. If you wish, you can train on your motorcycle.

At the end of the course, each participant receives a diploma from Motorrad4Life, confirming the successful completion of the first stage of Enduro Training Day LEVEL1.

The training is conducted in collaboration with Motorrad4life.

Additional information by phone +372 5342 7294, Stanislav Tatarsky.

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